Interface / The SOAP Group


Mission Zero is Interface's promise to eliminate any negative impact it has on the environment by 2020. JetPak was commissioned by The SOAP Group to produce a documentary series about what real sustainability looks like inside this global manufacturer and to evaluate the level of employee engagement, both onsite and in their home life.  We literally circled the world for this project. Locations included Australia, Thailand, The Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Los Angeles, California and La Grange Georgia. 

Logistically it involved multiple on-site translators, establishing new redundancy protocols for terabytes of footage, compliance issues while bringing gear thru customs, project management across multiple datelines with a post-production crew in the States, translation and subtitle teams, all while maintaining consistently high production value across the various segments. Averaging 17 minutes per, the final deliverable of 7 stand alone mini-documentaries stand as a living, breathing narrative of sustainability, revealing best practices and exploring how deep sustainability has crept into Interface’s culture and operations.