Pfizer videos win GOLD!

The Bits In Between available on

We are really excited to announce that The Bits In Between has been selected for online distribution through SnagFilms. Now you can watch the entire film on your computer, mobile device, tablet or on your web enabled tv (it looks great on the Roku!) for FREE. Yes, no charge. No sign up - no passwords, nothing. Just click, and watch. Done. If you know someone who enjoys sweet, smart, funny indie films, please consider sharing this link with them. Thanks again for your continued support!


Consumers are 174% more likely to buy online AFTER watching a video about it.

"If you work in digital, you’re probably getting a bit tired of the ROI question by now. We are all tasked with justifying our pitches and projects with proving where the ROI lies directly. We need to show that whatever ad, video or app we run, directly leads to X number of sales online, or X number of conversions."

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