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MOVED is screening @ the 2013 BIG APPLE FILM FESTIVAL in NYC!

Hey so this is pretty great. Gonna' be in NYC early Nov? Want to see a super little indie film we produced with some crazy talented folks? Well you can. MOVED was a labor of love that we are very proud to have been a part of. It's a smart, funny film and it has a great hook that we think you are really going to love, especially if you are a movie nerd! No Spoilers. Just come see it.

Director/Writer/Actor - Julie Sharbutt with fellow actor Lee Dolson

Director/Writer/Actor - Julie Sharbutt with fellow actor Lee Dolson

Tickets are on sale now for the NOVEMBER 9th 8:45 screening of MOVED at the 2013 BIG APPLE FILM FESTIVAL! They are $20 (which will also get you in to other films), they'll go fast!

Get your tickets here!



Hitting some milestones here at JetPak Productions

Martini shot for 'Like Me' - Interviewing Grace Helbig in some tall building in LA

Martini shot for 'Like Me' - Interviewing Grace Helbig in some tall building in LA

Two very big milestones have happened this week here at JetPak. First, on Tuesday, we shot what is most likely our last interview for our latest feature length documentary "Like Me" in LA. The incredibly lovely and talented Grace Helbig was the last one we talked to and it was a little bittersweet. Micah and I have had an amazing time simply talking to people. Meeting face to face to discuss their art, craft, goals and fears over the last year has been an amazing adventure that has given us not only an incredible amount of source material but some solid inspiration for our personal and professional lives. Thanks again to everyone who has contributed to this project be it throwing some $ at our Kickstarter or taking the time to let us interview you. Thank you. Now, on to editing. 

Laraine Newman and Cody Lindquist are impressed with the many boob polaroids they have to choose from . 

Laraine Newman and Cody Lindquist are impressed with the many boob polaroids they have to choose from . 

The second milestone is that today we are putting the final touches on our latest indie feature film "Ready Or Knot". The edit is done, and we are 'festival submission' ready. Do we need to do more sound mixing, sound design, color correct, etc? Yes. But it polished to the point that it is not super scary to start showing it to the outside world and start entering it into festivals. Like, putting it in the mail tomorrow. Anyone who has made a film knows this is HUGE and SCARY and is exactly why we do the things that we do. Wish us luck, thanks to all the cast and crew who helped make this other super fun project possible and please stay tuned for updates!

Looking at social media thru the lens of a (sometimes) awkward comedian

We have had the pleasure of knowing and working with NYC based actor and comedian Micah Sherman for many years now. JetPak's Michael Kuell directed Micah in his very first commercial and most recently Micah played Iggy in our latest indie feature film "Ready Or Not." We are proud to announce a new venture with Micah, the feature documentary "Like Me". In the doc, we follow Micah as he attempts to find his digital voice on social media. Supremely confident on stage or in front of the camera, Micah is often awkward and struggles when he has to use the now ubiquitous social media tools to communicate. We think that it is an enlightening, honest and often very funny film and we are hoping to spread the word about it. We have quite a few hours of footage all ready shot, but we are looking to raise funds to keep up our momentum and get the rest of our shooting and editing complete. If you could take a minute to check out the Kickstarter page we would be very grateful, and if you like what you see, maybe contribute or forward to someone you think may want to get behind our project? Thanks so much and check back for updates!



The Bits In Between available on

We are really excited to announce that The Bits In Between has been selected for online distribution through SnagFilms. Now you can watch the entire film on your computer, mobile device, tablet or on your web enabled tv (it looks great on the Roku!) for FREE. Yes, no charge. No sign up - no passwords, nothing. Just click, and watch. Done. If you know someone who enjoys sweet, smart, funny indie films, please consider sharing this link with them. Thanks again for your continued support!