The Bits In Between available On Demand thru Vimeo

We are super excited to announce that The Bits In Between is available now on Vimeo, one of our absolute favorite video platforms. We are offering it at the CRAZY low price of $1.99 for a three day rental. Watch it on your computer, your TV or your mobile device. Heck, watch it on all of them. Then, if you like it, what are the chances we could get you to take 20 seconds to write something nice in the comment section? Maybe click a few stars to rate it? Thanks a ton! 

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We are at the finish line on our Kickstarter campaign!

Feeling really humbled right now for all the support. Many thanks to everyone who has spread the word, donated $ or both. We know we are obliged to do good work now and I promise we won't let you guys down. Thanks a bunch.

Now let's cross the minimum goal so we can get to work!

Please check out our latest update with a snippet of our interview with Chris Hardwick HERE


Looking at social media thru the lens of a (sometimes) awkward comedian

We have had the pleasure of knowing and working with NYC based actor and comedian Micah Sherman for many years now. JetPak's Michael Kuell directed Micah in his very first commercial and most recently Micah played Iggy in our latest indie feature film "Ready Or Not." We are proud to announce a new venture with Micah, the feature documentary "Like Me". In the doc, we follow Micah as he attempts to find his digital voice on social media. Supremely confident on stage or in front of the camera, Micah is often awkward and struggles when he has to use the now ubiquitous social media tools to communicate. We think that it is an enlightening, honest and often very funny film and we are hoping to spread the word about it. We have quite a few hours of footage all ready shot, but we are looking to raise funds to keep up our momentum and get the rest of our shooting and editing complete. If you could take a minute to check out the Kickstarter page we would be very grateful, and if you like what you see, maybe contribute or forward to someone you think may want to get behind our project? Thanks so much and check back for updates!



Soderbergh - State of Cinema

"A few months ago I was on this Jet Blue flight from New York to Burbank. And I like Jet Blue, not just because of the prices. They have this terminal at JFK that I think is really nice. I think it might be the nicest terminal in the country although if you want to see some good airports you’ve got to go to a major city in another part of the world like Europe or Asia. They’re amazing airports. They’re incredible and quiet. You’re not being assaulted by all this music. I don’t know when it was decided we all need a soundtrack everywhere we go. I was just in the bathroom upstairs and there was a soundtrack accompanying me at the urinal, I don’t understand. So I’m getting comfortable in my seat. I spent the extra $60 to get the extra leg room so I’m trying to get comfortable and we make altitude. And there’s a guy on the other side of the aisle in front of me and he pulls out his iPad to start watching stuff. I’m curious to see what he’s going to watch – he’s a white guy in his mid-30s. And I begin to realize what he’s done is he’s loaded in half a dozen action sort of extravaganzas and he’s watching each of the action sequences – he’s skipping over all the dialogue and the narrative. This guy’s flight is going to be five and a half hours of just mayhem porn.

I get this wave of – not panic, it’s not like my heart started fluttering – but I had this sense of, am I going insane? Or is the world going insane – or both? Now I start with the circular thinking again. Maybe it’s me. Maybe it’s generational and I’m getting old, I’m in the back nine professionally. And maybe my 22-year-old daughter doesn’t feel this way at all. I should ask her. But then I think, no: Something is going on – something that can be measured is happening, and there has to be. When people are more outraged by the ambiguous ending of The Sopranos than some young girl being stoned to death, then there’s something wrong. We have people walking around who think the government stages these terrorist attacks. And anybody with a brain bigger than a walnut knows that our government is not nearly competent enough to stage a terrorist attack and then keep it a secret because, as we know, in this day and age you cannot keep a secret.

So I think that life is sort of like a drumbeat. It has a rhythm and sometimes it’s fast and sometimes it’s slower, and maybe what’s happening is this drumbeat is just accelerating and it’s gotten to the point where I can’t hear between the beats anymore and it’s just a hum. Again, I thought maybe that’s my generation, every generation feels that way, maybe I should ask my daughter. But then I remember somebody did this experiment where if you’re in a car and you’re going more than 20 miles an hour it becomes impossible to distinguish individual features on a human being’s face. I thought that’s another good analogy for this sensation. It’s a very weird experiment for someone to come up with."

- Steven Soderbergh

Read the entire speech HERE.

Pfizer videos win GOLD!

The Bits In Between available on

We are really excited to announce that The Bits In Between has been selected for online distribution through SnagFilms. Now you can watch the entire film on your computer, mobile device, tablet or on your web enabled tv (it looks great on the Roku!) for FREE. Yes, no charge. No sign up - no passwords, nothing. Just click, and watch. Done. If you know someone who enjoys sweet, smart, funny indie films, please consider sharing this link with them. Thanks again for your continued support!